Class Gift

Our reunion year is a chance to come together as a class to celebrate our Harvard ties and help fuel the transformational programs that define the College today. In partnership with the Harvard College Fund, our class is volunteering and giving back to support College life and crucial aspects of the Harvard experience.


Why do we do this? Harvard’s expenses are not fully covered by tuition and the endowment and we can help. Teaching support, financial aid, House life, freshman seminars, advising, and athletics are all made possible by generous alumni support.


Furthermore, at the peak of The Harvard Campaign for Arts and Sciences, Harvard is asking each of us to look thoughtfully at supporting its mission. We are a class that has distinguished itself in many regards, and we hope that you will support our alma mater in its ambitions and aspirations.


Please consider adding your name to our roster of class donors by clicking here or contacting our HCF Officer, Becky Fassio at 617-496-6368 or, to make a pledge, join the gift committee, or for help navigating creative gift options. If you are interested in making a multi-year pledge, please know that commitments of $5,000 or more may be paid over time (up to five years).


Thank you for considering how you can partner with our class and with the Harvard College Fund. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of Harvard students and faculty. Every gift counts and adds up to powerful collective support.